Interment of Ashes

Interment of ashes

St Aldhelm’s has a small Garden of Rest at the west end of the church. Due to its size, plots tend to be reserved for those who have been serving members of the church community. Interments can happen any time after the cremation but usually within a few months. All parts are marked by a brass plaque and we will liaise with you about the words that you would like on the plaque. The service itself can take place most days of the week or on the weekend and lasts about 15 minutes. Ashes can be collected by the family from the undertakers and may be brought directly to the church and kept within the altar until the day of the interment. Alternatively you may wish to keep the ashes at home until this time. There are rules and regulations about plaques, flowers and other items in the Garden of Rest. The vicar or the parish administrator will be able to tell you about these in detail. The cost of an interment including the brass plaque is set at £300 for 2013. All persons buried in the garden of rest will have their named recorded in the book of remembrance on the northern wall of the church.

We are one body in Christ and as such we are in communion with those who are alive and those who have departed this life.

Here at St Aldhelm’s we believe it is very important to remember those whom we love but see no longer. Many people find it helpful to have somewhere they can go to give thanks for the lives of loved ones and offer prayers to God.

It is possible to inter ashes without a commemorative plaque at a location which will be recorded.

If you would like to have a service for the interment of ashes you will need to arrange this with the vicar, but it would help us if you could fill out this Interment form and return it to the parish office.

If you want ashes to be buried together (i.e. husband and wife), our policy is to replace any existing plaques with one single plaque commemorating both. This is a symbol of their being reunited, and it also helps us to maintain the garden.

We are happy for you to leave flowers by memorial plaques, but you will need to contact the office for permission, because this again helps us with maintenance. The memorial garden is a shared space, and so we ask for your consideration in abiding by our rules.

Under no circumstances can anything be planted in the garden.