St Aldhelm’s Church was built in 1903 and designed by W.D. Caroe.

William Douglas Caroe (1857 – 1938) was a British architect particularly of churches. His sons were the architect A.D.R.Caroe, and Sir Olaf Caroe. The architect John Loughborough Pearson was his teacher.

William Douglas Caroe was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating BA in 1879.

The firm he founded, Caroe & Partners, still flourishes, specialising in ecclesiastical architecture, especially the restoration of historic churches. His own country house, “Vann” in Surrey, was featured on the TV series The Curious House Guest in 2006. “Vann” is open on National Gardens Scheme days and by appointment.

St Aldhelm’s is a brick church with low aisles, a fleche on the crossing and a bell turret at the west end. The reredos with its painting of the Ascension and the stained glass are by Walter Percival Starmer.

Records show that St Aldhelm’s Church was attended by 668 people on one Sunday in 1903, that was 407 in the morning and 261 in the evening.

St. Aldhelm’s Church, Edmonton taken over a hundred years ago. (Before we had pews!)

This tin Tabernacle St Aldhelm’s was built in 1885

Other churches by W.D.Caroe:

Swedish Seamen’s Church (Gustav Adolfs Kyrke) of Liverpool 1883-34

St Peter-Le-Poer Church, Friern Barnet, 1910

St David’s Church, Exeter, 1894-1900

St Bartholomew’s Church, Herne Bay, 1932