Sunday 31 May – Resources and notices

All age resources for your faith journey

Pentecost wind turnerclick here to find a page with a big spiral on it and instructions to make a wind turner – just download and print as many copies as you need. If you fancy something more ambitious you can colour in empty water bottles with permanent markers and cut spirals out – see this YouTube video.

Colouring sheets click here to find a range of Pentecost-related pictures to colour. Get creative!

Videos – things for a range of ages and interests

Music As usual, something traditional and something a bit more contemporary.

Worship by phone – A new service for people who don’t use the internet 0800 804 8044.

 Prayer for today

God of all, you sent your Spirit to be with the disciples, filling them with joy, peace and courage. May we also be filled with your Spirit and have the courage to share your peace in our world. Amen

For your prayers

From the electoral roll this week, we ask you to pray for: Alan and Peggy COOPER; David and Lorraine COPPIN; Tianna DANGENI; Patricia DAVIES; Veronica DAVIS; and all their families and loved ones.

For our parish, please pray for all who live or work on: Hewish Road; Hinton Road; Huxley Ave; Huxley Sayze; Kendal Ave.

Please pray also for: Edith Ashley; Pauline Chamberlain; Marvin Ikoroha and his grandparents, Stanley and Dorothy; Shirley Kelly; Hyacinth Small; Daisy Pottinger; Pauline Kotrofis; and Karl Bartley.

If you would like to be added to the prayer list please email or text me. Thank you.


  • Finance Excellent news – we have just secured a grant of more than £2,400 to pay for these mailings, thanks to the London Community Response Fund. We are deeply grateful to them for their support.But please don’t forget that while our doors are shut we need your support more than ever. Please keep putting money in your envelopes, or better yet transfer your gift to our bank account: account name: St Aldhelm’s Parochial Church Council; sort code 40-52-40; account number 00009377. You can also post a cheque to the vicarage, 2 Windmill Road N18 1PA, but please let me know so that someone can collect it.
  • Email addresses If you don’t get a weekly email from me, it means I don’t know your address – email me at to receive this letter and more by email.
  • Zoom church? If you would be interested in joining a Sunday service, Bible Study or coffee chat by Zoom, let me know –if enough people are interested, we will make it happen.